About us

PRO(a)ACT is a procTECH company with mission to support the procurement community to take better decisions by tranforming data into insights. We develop a cloud service for intelligent spend analysis but we can also custom-made based on your needs.

PRO(a)ACT is developed by

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Kim Grandell
Alfred Bergman
Anders Carnbro
Linda Löfberg
Simon Eklund
Lead developer
Kim has over 12 years experience from procurement covering the whole Source-2-Pay-process. He is the founder of PRO(a)ACT – combining the best of two worlds, procurement and advanced analytics (AI). Kim is also certified Data Scientist and partner at Business Vision.
Alfred is analytical and always strives to automate as much as possible. In addition to developing the architecture that forms the basis for PRO(a)ACT, he runs with John the company Lytiqa, which specializes in data analysis and machine learning.
For John, customer satisfaction is always the focus when he creates data models and visualizes data in PRO(a)ACT, so that the customer will have the best conditions for making data-driven decisions. In addition, he runs together with Alfred the consulting firm Lytiqa, which specializes in data analysis and machine learning.
Johanna has a good eye for design and layout, which makes her responsible for marketing and social media. Johanna also works with marketing at Business Vision.